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What is CHAS?

CHAS, also known as The Common Assessment Standard is recognized across the industry as the most influent accreditation level.

The Common Assessment Standard is backed by Build UK and CECA.

The Common Assessment is the industry gold standard and is a recognized assessment body

GTEC CHAS Accreditation

Bulk Earthworks

This includes removing, adding, and relocating large quantities of soil/rock from one site area to another. This is done to make the site a suitable level and height in order to be project ready!

Civil Engineering

Our engineers operate interdisciplinary applications of engineering and other applied sciences to manipulate soil grading, drainage, and other land-form processes.


From the alteration of terrain, the construction of varying structures, and the addition of various flora – we can landscape to your specification.


From initial excavations which lead to the laying of foundations, to the laying of drains and cables – we cover a large range of bespoke groundwork activities.


We operate multiple landscape installation services including: decking, driveways, fencing, lawns, patios and pavings – all done to the highest professional standard.

Road & Sewers

Developing roading and drainage systems in accordance with the regulations set by the Highway Authorities and the Statutory Water Companies.


We are happy to sub-contract for work that is outside of the remit or capabilities of your main contractor, offering clear communication to ensure the work is done to a high standard.

S278 & Infrastructure

Conducting our services in a legal agreement with the council to make permanent alterations or improvements to highways or other public infrastructure projects.


Health & Safety Measures

A vital feature of our business is working closely to meet high quality standards with our consultants. We are very proud of our efforts to provide quality services


The Latest Groundwork Technology

We operate with the latest machinery and groundwork/landscape techniques available to the industry.


High Quality Construction Management

Every Project we undertake, our Project Managers work alongside every Client to ensure that all work carried out matches the standards and vision they have.


Providing a quality service is the primary focus of our business and motivates everything we do. Working alongside our clients during every stage of development, from the planning stages to completion allows us to guarantee we can make their vision a reality.

We appreciate every project is unique and approach them accordingly, using an effective management process to align intention and finish.

We make our process as simple and easy to follow as possible, this allows us to rectify any problems early and complete projects within the designated amount of time.

Our highly skilled team of trained engineering professionals in commercial, residential, and domestic construction allows us to provide clients a wide variety of complete solutions for even the most complex of projects.


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